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Concrete flooring preparation and restoration specialists. Our virtually dust free services include:

    Shot blasting is the recommended method of surface preparation of concrete for most polymer floor installations and can be done indoors or outside with little or no interruption to daily operations. Shot blast equipment utilizes an alloy wheel spinning at high speeds to throw small steel particles or "shot" at the substrate in a controlled, dry, 99% dust-free operation. This process removes surface contamination, adds profile and simultaneously vacuums the concrete clean in one process. The size and angularity of shot, along with the travel speed of the unit, can be adjusted to determine the degree of the surface profile. Because shot blasting is a dry preparation process, it allows the installation of coatings to begin immediately after completion of prep(surface must be dry before blasting). Shot blasting will also identify weak areas in the surface of the concrete(such as cracks). Click here to find out more about our Shot blasting services.
Note: When selecting shot blast preparation for thin film coating systems be aware that a blast pattern or "blast lines" may be visible
     We understand that a strong, appealing, and lasting surface requires the proper preparation work. That is why Blastworx uses comprehensive, project specific analysis and proven strategies to restore or prepare concrete to the highest industry standards. Our reputation has been built on hard work, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction. With this value system and top of the line technology and equipment, Blastworx has the ability and experience to meet any and all of your concrete restoration and/or preparation needs.
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